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L S Lowry "Bloomsbury Square"

Title: Bloomsbury Sqaure 

Size: 19" x 24" 

Edition: 75 this being number 12 

Numbered Lithograph 

Signed in Pencil 

Printed by M. E. Wolfsensberger A. G. Zurich, only numbers 3-16 printed by this company making it a rare print. 


Ganymed Lithographs 

These are original lithograpths, drawn for the purpose, and not excisting in any other form.

They are published in limited editions of only 75.

Each copy is numbered and has been signed by the artist LS Lowry in pencil in the margin.

All lithographs are printed in black with a tint background.

Number 1 and 2 have been printed from zinc plates by Mr. G. F. Grace, London.

Numbers 3 to16 have been printed from stone by M. E. Wolfsensberger A. G. Zurich    


LS Lowry "Bloomsbury Square"

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